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Rainbow Graphics is an award winning web design & online marketing firm serving people worldwide. As technology grows, so must websites. Today our website designers create Web Designs that are "responsive" so a website will work on all media platforms. On ALL screen sizes from Smart Phones, Tablets to PC Desktop Computers and Smart Tvs. Once Created, as new devices come out, and they will... your Website will continue to work. Most ready made templates will not. Must be very careful if you go that route. Let us guide you if you are thinking on going that way. This way you do it right!

Today mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) have overtaken PCs. Not having a mobile friendly site will have a negative impact on Search Engines (SEO). Visitors using mobile devices will certainly spend less time visiting a site that is not user friendly. They will quickly return to their search engine of choice to try out another website. So its really important to have a web site design that works on ALL Media Platforms!

Rainbow Graphics fees to maintain and host sites are considerably lower when compared to most. We do this to enable people like you to have the chance to have your own website without sacrificing large sums of money. Our award-winning technicians and web designers are all highly trained, and can help you design the best responsive website for your needs!

We are always there for you whether by phone or email. And whether a site is custom designed or built off a template, we are happy to teach you how to maintain your own site.

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Making Changes to a Website

Changes to a website can be made anytime and can be loaded online quickly. The cost to add changes depends on how much there is to do. Usually quick changes are on the house for we believe they are a part of the maintenance cost. Many other companies do not see it this way.

Give Rainbow Graphics a Call!

We offer personal one-on-one service, and quick turn-around time. We have a long list of references worldwide that you may contact or take a look at our clients list on our site. Also take a look at some of the many websites we have designed:

They all do extremely well. You can to! Just give us a call or send us an email to design@rainbow-graphics.com.

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