Linking to Search Engines & Getting on TOP!

Rainbow Graphics has the knack of placing web pages on top in search engines by using your keywords. We have clients on top in Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc.. We have worked hard learning the ways of the search engines so that our clients see their pages on top instead of many pages behind where they cannot be found. Very few know how to do what we do. We know how to make the web pages work for you!

We also do extensive advertising for our clients as well as linking pages to search engines in order to bring pages to the top of searches. We offer a URL linking services that will place your homepages around the world by linking your URL address to major search engines. This is so many people can find your homepage using your particular keyword. There are thousands of search engines; the more you link to, the more people will find your pages.

What we do is create webpages that emphasize the keywords relating to your business. We make the keywords stand out by using specific tags, such as meta tags & tail tags. There are many ways to do this so search engines place you on their top pages. Now each search engine works differently and takes web pages a certain way. What works for these search engines would NOT work for the others. We do not just link a website, anyone can do that, what we do is link you to get the best exposure you could possible get - on top!!!

We offer several linking packages that includes our tricks of the trade mentioned above, plus submitted links to thousands of search engines, worldwide. Our basic setup cost $200; $100 to research your competitors and setup the "tricks of the trade", the other $100 is for us to link your site to the search engines. Once we do our part, you will receive many emails notifying you that your website has been submitted.

Note: We offer discounts for multiple links.

There are many browsers used today on the WWW. Below is just a list of some of the browsers out there, that a website needs to accommodate.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • AOL
  • Opera
  • Sea Monkey
  • WebTV
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