Web Designing/Audio Services For LESS$$$
Our goal is to create Award Winning sites at Affordable Rates

It's never been easier to liven up your homepage. You can now add hassle-free audio to your web site. We will write, voice, and produce your personalized audio, all for one flat fee. You just tell us what you would like and we'll take care of the rest!

Why would you want to add audio to your web site?

Adding creatively produced audio to your web site makes you, your business, your service or your product look that much more professional and credible. Millions of people are now equipped with the RealAudio plug-in for their browsers. Please download yours today. Now you can take advantage and cash in on the latest technology, and not just in a monetary fashion, but by keeping your site advanced and up-to-date!

What kinds of things can you do with audio and your web site?

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you add audio to your web site. Besides, it's a whole lot of fun! By offering weekly horoscopes, stories, comedy bits, information, etc., you will bring return visitors back to your site week after week.

Have a great time and we hope we can assist you in creating some innovative audio for your web site!

We invite you to listen to a few samples of our work. To hear these samples, you will need an audio software such as Real Player or Windows Media Player.

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